Betsan Martin (New Zealand)
Betsan Martin

Dr Betsan Martin is Director of RESPONSE, an organization working on Ethics, Responsibility and Governance with the International Forum on Ethics and Responsibility. RESPONSE is New Zealand based, and collaborates with national and international organizations such as IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), and with Pacific regional networks. Betsan has led the successful proposal to the UNU to become a Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development, based at the University of Waikato.

RESPONSE activities are developed in partnership with tangata Māori and indigenous peoples of the Pacific region. A special interest in water is an entry point for regional interests, given the context of the Pacific region.

Betsan’s interests span the local to the global. As well as leadership of RESPONSE she is involved with a Māori environmental initiative, she is Co-Chair of ECO (Environment and Conservation Organizations, and she is Executive Officer of Public Issues, a national justice role working on social and environmental wellbeing, Climate responsibility, and international trade.

Betsan has been on International Forum on Ethics and Responsibility since its inception in 2004. The Forum focuses on institutional transformation to reflect human interdependence with earth’s ecosystems. Since Rio+20 the Forum has set out to mobilize for a UN Declaration of Responsibility.

Climate instability, human over-reach in the use of fossil fuels and natures resources, growing inequality all signal the imperative to change direction; they also provide transformative opportunities. Betsan’s academic studies in ethics and responsibility provide a cohesive and integrating theme across her work in social, environmental and economic areas; it takes inspiration from the principles of a Charter for Human Responsibility.

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