Nina Gregg (United States)
Nina Gregg

Since 1992, I have been an independent consultant working with social justice, community-based and non-profit organizations on organizational development, governance, evaluation, and long-range strategy. I have had the privilege of working with groups in the US and elsewhere addressing labor issues, women’s issues, the environment, economic justice, literacy, housing, participatory research, racism, philanthropy, and diversity in higher education. Before becoming a full-time consultant I was a university professor teaching media history, media criticism, qualitative research methods, feminist theory, and organizational communication, and conducting research with community organizations and labor unions.

I began working with the International Facilitation Team of the Charter of Human Responsibilities at the end of 2005. In this role, we accomplished several projects in the US, including: an international conference on Energy and Responsibility; a youth-led project culminating in a workshop at the first US Social Forum; the Climate Change and Water film festival on 12 university campuses; and a national project on responsibility and the environment, from which a US youth delegation took part in the International Children and Youth Conference on the Environment: Let’s Take Care of the Planet.

Now in the role of network representative, I coordinate activities with Diego Escobar in Colombia and Antonio Sama in the United Kingdom and Italy for our project on Ethics & Responsibilities in the field of community organizing. In 2010, we launched an action research project on “Ethics and Responsibility in Organizing.” Additional details can be found in the Methods section of this Web site.

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